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What will be my interest rate ? 

A : Too many factors can influence the interest rate, your finances, your credit rating, the amount to be financed, etc. However, we are working to get you a favorable credit and the lowest interest rates according to your file.

Should I inform you about my past and present credit status?

A : Yes, because knowing your past and present credit situation will help to qualify your case in advance and submit the form to the financial institution that will best meet your criteria.

I do not work or I have no reported income, can I get a loan?

A : Yes, we deal with an alternative financial institution whose only prerequisite is a minimal deposit.

How long will it take to receive an answer?

A : If you complete your application, you will receive an online response in just 10 minutes. Just stay connected to receive your answer.

Who will have access to my credit information?

A : The information contained in your credit application will be consulted by one of our experts and your information will be used to submit a credit application to one of our official creditors. All information received is strictly confidential and will be kept by the law of confidentiality and the law of consumer protection.

Will the information remain confidential and secure?

A : Yes. Auto Crédit National obeys to the highest standards of security and confidentiality of the market to protect your personal information. In addition, our online credit application is completely secure.

Do I need a cash down to get a car loan?

A : No. In most cases, absolutely no cash is required. It is possible to obtain a credit approval without any cash. Our approach provides funding without cash down on over 85% of our loan applications, one of the highest percentages in the industry.

If my credit situation improves, can the rate be adjusted downward?

A : Yes, absolutely! And this is one of the most important elements of our approach to credit recovery. Our aim is to enable you to access the best possible rate. Usually, we can make a change within 12-18 months depending on your situation.

Is there a fee to proceed with a credit application?

A : No. This is absolutely free.

Can I make a credit request from home?

A : Yes. You can complete the credit application by mail or phone. It is even possible to select and take possession of your vehicle remotely.

Can I get a car loan even if a financial institution was obliged to take my vehicle for non-payment?

A : Yes, thanks to exclusive agreements with some of our financial institutions, it is now possible.

I am currently in a situation of undischarged bankruptcy or in consumer proposal. Can you get me financing?

A : Yes, it is now possible to get you a loan even if you are in a situation of unreleased bankruptcy.

I am currently getting help from a bankruptcy trustee to pay off my creditors. Can I still be eligible to purchase a vehicle?

A : Yes. Some of our financial institutions are willing to give you a second chance and give you a new loan to obtain a vehicle.

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