Regular Credit


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Financing available from 1.9%* (some conditions apply)

No payment for 3 months (some conditions apply)

Good news! Do you need to finance your next vehicle? There's no need to go to your bank, we can save you time and energy. Auto Crédit National has developed special agreements with several banking institutions, allowing us to always offer you the best market rates.

Our solutions get you credit and much more, the ability to repay your loan without penalties, or pay it off in a shorter period than you signed for (open loans). Some of our banks can also offer you a variable rate if you wish.

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Alternative Credit

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Unfortunately, many credit specialists try to treat these types of files, but most lack the advanced credit knowledge required to get these files approved. These poorly prepared files hurt your chances and in some instances can make it even harder to get approved.

These types of delicate cases require time and patience to prepare your files and submit them in the proper manner to ensure an approval rate. This is why a lot of credit specialists prefer to not deal with these cases and only handle the "easier" credit approval cases.

Specialists at Auto Crédit National have specialized training and experience with credit records requiring particular attention. We work with our clients to enable them to obtain a car financing tailored to their financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alternative Credit

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Alternative credit is the credit solution for a client with a history of adverse credit.

Is this your case??? Not to worry, your car loan will be accepted, even if you fall into one of the following situations:

No credit history
Self employed
Undischarged bankruptcy
2nd bankruptcy
Debt consolidation
Consumer proposal
Voluntary surrender
Late payments
Can not prove your income (no job, first job)
Low income
** (certain conditions apply)

This solution will allow you to obtain car financing for the purchase of your vehicle. We have committed ourselves to rebuilding your credit.

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